Tellcampero – Pollo Campero Customer Satisfaction Survey

Tellcampero is a customer satisfaction survey website for Pollo Campero, a Central American fast food chain. Customers can complete the survey online and receive a validation code that can be redeemed for a prize at participating Pollo Campero restaurants. In order for the business to learn more about how satisfied customers are overall when they dine at a Pollo Campero restaurant or make a purchase from the franchise in any other way (carry out, drive-thru, delivery, etc.), the Pollo Campero Customer Tellcampero Satisfaction Survey has been launched on

Tellcampero Survey

Customers are required to provide feedback on a variety of subjects, including the products offered by the food chain, packaging, administration of the premises (friendliness of the employees, speed of service, cleanliness, and the implementation of health and safety regulations), and more. In the study, respondents are also asked to rank Pollo Campero in comparison to its rivals, including Popeyes, KFC, Pollo Loco, and others. For additional information, let’s read the article.

Pollo Campero- What is it? (Tellcampero)

For its US customers, the well-known fried chicken restaurant Pollo Campero, which originated in Guatemala and El Salvador, has recently launched a customer satisfaction survey called Pollo Campero Customer Satisfaction Survey. Having started out in 1971, Pollo Campero now has 70 QSR locations around the United States and is one of the nation’s most well-liked fried chicken companies.

Serving Satisfaction: Highlights from the Pollo Campero Survey

The restaurant business will use consumer feedback to improve the caliber of its services across the board as it seeks to expand its presence in the United States. A promo code will be sent to the consumer after they complete the online survey (and it will appear on the screen). On the back of your purchase receipt or in any other place that is practical for you write down the coupon code. You can enter this code at a Pollo Campero restaurant the following time you go. You have the option of receiving a sizable reduction off your bill or a tantalizing Free Food treat from the business. You have the option.

Due to its close ties to Latin American background, Pollo Campero may attribute much of its success. Customers who enjoy authentic yet culturally diversified meals are drawn to the restaurant’s menus, which blend real flavors and dishes from Guatemala and other Latin American countries. Due to its tasty chicken, varied menu options, high-quality ingredients, exceptional customer service, and dedication to Latin American heritage, Pollo Campero has garnered global praise and devoted followers. Pollo Campero offers a fulfilling dining experience that everyone will enjoy, whether it is for family get-togethers or quick meals on the go.

Tellcampero Survey

How to Take Tellcampero Survey

Pollo Campero Survey: Customer Insights and Feedback Revealed

  • All willing Tellcampero survey participants must be at least 18 years old and legal citizens of the United States of America.
  • One survey is permitted for each receipt, however, a customer may only do two surveys in a calendar month.
  • After eating at the restaurant or obtaining your receipt, you have three days to complete the survey.
  • Following the completion of the survey, the coupon codes are still valid for 30 days.
  • The survey is not open to partner agencies, recent or current workers, or any of their close relatives.
  • Without providing a justification, Pollo Campero has the right to revoke a promotional code.

Tellcampero Survey

The Steps for Online 

  • To access the survey, go to or the Pollo Campero website.
  • The survey form will appear on your screen, where you can fill it out by entering the Time of Visit and the 10-digit promo code (both printed on your purchase receipt).
  • Either English or Spanish can be used to complete the survey. Press the START button after selecting your language from the display.
  • You will be needed to complete the survey’s questions step-by-step and rate how satisfied you are with a variety of services provided by Pollo Campero.
  • After providing all the necessary information based on your personal experience, the survey is complete.
  • The screen will display the redeem coupon code once everything is finished. To use the code later, write it down or capture the screen.


  • Check out the conditions and guidelines given below if you want to take part in the Tellcampero  Survey.
  • For the survey, participants must be older than 18
  • A customer may only take part once each calendar month.
  • Only legitimate residents of the US and Canada are qualified to offer feedback and win rewards.
  • a survey receipt from the most recent Pollo Campero purchase.
  • The Sweepstakes is only open to one person per family and receipt.
  • Any family members or close friends of any employee, staff member, retailer, distributor, or sponsor are ineligible.
  • Furthermore, federal and state laws both apply in the event of a dispute.
  • All prizes given to the winner may be transferred, but they are not returnable.

Most restaurants don’t let their patrons give them advice about their goods or services, but at Pollo Campero, things are different. This chain of restaurants encourages all of its patrons to help it improve by offering honest assessments, recommendations, and complaints.

The organization and the client can communicate effectively thanks to this survey.  You can win a free validation code to use to redeem the deal listed on your receipt by simply providing honest feedback in the Pollo Campero survey.

What criteria must be met in the Pollo Campero customer survey in order to be eligible to win a validation code?

To simply provide the necessary information, each person participating in the Pollo Campero guest survey needs to have access to a recent Pollo Campero sales receipt. Every customer must input their information on the survey’s welcome screen in order to begin.

The Time & 10-Digit Coupon Code, which can be found on the Pollo Campero sales receipt, is then something that participants in the Pollo Campero survey must have access to. Just be aware that without inputting the necessary data, the survey will not launch.

Final Consideration

The Pollo Campero Satisfaction Survey is the subject of this piece, which we have previously discussed. The Tellcampero survey can be found at We hope you enjoyed our post and learned how to acquire a Free Validation Code.


Here are some Tellcampero FAQs. it will give answers to all your questions regarding the Survey

Q; What is Tellcampero?

A: Tellcampero is a customer satisfaction survey website for Pollo Campero, a Central American fast food chain. Customers can complete the survey online and receive a validation code that can be redeemed for a prize at participating Pollo Campero restaurants.

Q: How do I access the Tellcampero survey?

A: You can access the Tellcampero survey by going to the Tellcampero website and entering the digits 7 through 9 of your coupon code, followed by the digit 10. The survey can also be accessed by scanning the QR code on your survey invitation.

Q: What are the benefits of completing the Tellcampero survey?

A: There are several benefits to completing the Tellcampero survey. First, you can help Pollo Campero improve its products and services. Your feedback is important to Pollo Campero, and they use it to make changes that will improve the customer experience.

Second, you can be rewarded for your feedback. Depending on the location of the Pollo Campero restaurant, you may be able to redeem your validation code for a free meal, a discount, or another prize.

Third, you can share your thoughts and opinions about Pollo Campero with other customers. The Tellcampero survey is a great way to let Pollo Campero know what you think about their food, service, and atmosphere.

Q: What is the validation code?

A: The validation code is a unique code that is generated after you complete the Tellcampero survey. You can redeem this code at participating Pollo Campero restaurants for a prize.

Q: How long is the validation code valid?

A: The validation code is valid for a limited time. The exact expiration date will be printed on your survey invitation.

Q: What if I lose my validation code?

A: If you lose your validation code, you can contact Pollo Campero customer service for assistance. They will be able to look up your code and provide you with a new one.

Q: I have other questions about Tellcampero. Where can I get help?

A: If you have other questions about Tellcampero, you can visit the Pollo Campero website or contact customer service. They will be able to answer any questions you have about the survey or the prizes that can be redeemed with the validation code.